Bharti Techno Therm

Manufacturer of induction furnace & spares

Bharti Techno Therm is a supplier of furnace parts located in Faridabad, Haryana, India .

Who We Are ?

Bharti Techno therm

Bharti Techno Therm is a company based in Faridabad, Haryana, India that supplies furnace parts and other related products. They offer a wide range of items including induction furnaces, induction heaters, ladle preheaters, induction furnace coils, cradle coil assemblies, lamination yokes, water-cooled power cables, lining vibrators, insulation pads, thyristor inverters or converters, and electrical and mechanical spare parts. Additionally, they are also suppliers of all types of furnace materials.

The company Bharti Techno Therm ventured into the manufacturing of equipment for melting metals at a time when capacity was low, but demand was high.

What We Do

Induction Melting Furnaces: We manufacture a comprehensive range of induction melting furnaces, from 5 kgs to a massive 20,000 kgs capacity. Our innovative designs include Smartmelt (inverter design), Quickmelt (parallel inverter design), and Smartmelt Plus (IGBT inverter design) to cater to your specific requirements.
Induction Billet Heaters: Looking to enhance your forging operations? Our induction billet heaters, ranging from 50 KW to 2000 KW, employ Smartheat (inverter design), Quickheat (parallel inverter design), and Smartheat Plus (IGBT inverter design) technologies for optimal performance.
Refractory Installation System (RIS): We offer a fully automatic induction furnace lining machine, the RIS, to streamline your furnace maintenance process.
Servo Voltage Stabilizers: Ensure consistent power supply with our reliable servo voltage stabilizers, available in 3-phase configurations ranging from 10 KVA to 3500 KVA. Choose from Dimmer or Rolling Contact types, new or old models, to fit your needs.
Transformers: Our comprehensive transformer selection includes distribution transformers (with or without OLTC), ultra-isolation transformers, dry-type transformers (VPI), special purpose transformers, and auto transformers, all available in capacities up to 5000 KVA and up to 33 KV class. We offer both new and pre-owned transformers.

Our Top Products

Lamination Yoke

To prevent damage and deformation caused by Lorentz forces, a lamination yoke is a strong component used in induction furnaces

Coil Cred

In an induction furnace, an alternating current passes through a coil surrounding a metal container or chamber.

Water Cooled Cabel's

High electrical currents can be transferred from a power source to a load using water cooled cables

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