Lamination Yoke

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Bharti Techno, India's leading manufacturer of Lemination yoke  for induction furnaces, offers high-quality coils for efficient metal melting and heat treatment processes.

Lamination Yoke manufacturer & supplier

Induction furnaces rely on invisible forces – electromagnetism – to heat and melt metals. But a crucial, yet often overlooked, component helps harness this power: the induction furnace yoke.

What is a Yoke?

Imagine an electromagnet. The coil that generates the magnetic field typically has a core made of soft iron. In an induction furnace, the yoke acts like this core, but on a much larger scale. It's a closed-loop structure, typically made of laminated steel sheets, that surrounds the induction coil.

Why is the Yoke Important?

The yoke performs two critical functions:

  • Confines the Magnetic Field: When energized, the induction coil generates a magnetic field. The yoke channels this field, preventing it from dispersing outwards. This keeps the magnetic energy concentrated within the furnace cavity, maximizing heating efficiency.

  • Structural Support: The yoke provides a sturdy frame for the induction coil. This is especially important in larger furnaces where the coil can be quite heavy.